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Throughout the darkness there lies a faint trace of light. Come, choose your side, whether it be darkness or the light, fight for what you think is right. Here, your age begins.
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 Xemnas "The Superior In Between"

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PostSubject: Xemnas "The Superior In Between"   Xemnas "The Superior In Between" Icon_minitimeFri Sep 04, 2009 10:19 pm

Name: Xemnas "The Superior In Between"

Gender: Male

Age: He seems to be in his later to mid 20's

Race: Nobody

Home World: The World That Never Was.

Appearance: Xemnas Has Silvery almost white hair that falls just below his shoulders or possibly longer, The hair is mostly held back with parts on either side of his head flaring back and up to a degree. He normally wears his Organization 13 Cloak over his clothes.

(im not sure if ill be able to have his multiple forms so ill add that in later if i can)

: Being the founder of Organization XIII and apparently the oldest of Nobodies, Xemnas is truly emotionless and does not even remember what it was like to have emotions. He claims that this allows him to have a clear understanding of the heart, but in reality this has warped his mind into believing that only anger, hatred, and other negative feelings make up a heart.

Not to mention, his lack of emotion gives him absolutely zero remorse over his actions, as well as the loss of the other members of the Organization. The only thing he truly cares about is Kingdom Hearts and his desire for power, and even laments it when it is damaged. Unlike the other members of the organization, Xemnas does not seem to want Kingdom Hearts for a true existence. Rather, much like his Heartless counterpart, he wants it to use it to obtain power. This concept is furthered as Xemnas thinks that nothingness is the source of much power and does not seem to despise it in the slightest. (these 2 paras were from a wiki so they have credit for that)

Most of the time Xemnas speaks with Calmness and deep authority. He has a habit of being very melodramatic with long winded monolouges and speeches, usually overexhagurating his false rage and other negative emotions. Hes intellegent and knows how to manipulate many people very well.

Elemental Mastery: He stands for the element of Nothingness 2nd: Darkness 3rd: Light(I put light as his thritd due to his final form when he fights riku and sora.)

Weapons: He uses the Aerial (Ethereal) Blades

Fighting Style: Being the Leader of the Nobodies He is adept at many styles of fighting, mostly relying on his Aerial blades to subdue his opponents, he has shown the abilities to Command the Sorceror type of nobodies, Has been shown to be very acrobatic and agile. He has the ability to teleport (that wont be used in battle because its godmodding) the creation of barriers. with his blades he can fire them from his palms or create them from the nothingness that surrounds him, though this may be strong it is easily avoided by blocking or dodging. He also shows the ability to use a sphere of darkness to steal foes health when the need arises.

Alignment: He is using the power of kingdom hearts much like a heartless, for his own gain.

Affinities: Being a leader of the Nobodies, hes intelligent, strong and good with his weapons, Hes good at manipulating those he needs to manipulate. He can kee his own in a battle with Sora And Riku both at the same time.

Weaknesses: His emotional outbursts cant cover up the fact that he himself is completely devoid of emotions. Hes cocky and melodramatic.

History: Being a nobody he came from a Single complete being, this happened to be Xehanort, despite his name being Xemnas, he used the Alias that his complete being used, Ie Ansem.

(im lazy atm so im gona edit some wiki info for his history.)

In the opening scene of Kingdom Hearts II, Xemnas is seen at a dark beach. Roxas soon joins him. Xemnas says that he has been to see Sora, also commenting on how the two look alike. Roxas asks just who he is, but Xemnas only explains just what he is. When Roxas repeats the question, Xemnas states that his name is of no importance and answers the question with his own question: "What about you? Do you remember your true name?". Roxas begins to answer, but then realizes that he doesn't

True to Xemnas' words, he and Sora meet again at Hollow Bastion, the same world he was first encountered, albeit restored, accompanied by Saïx, Xigbar, Demyx, Xaldin, and Luxord (although all of their faces are hidden by their hoods, and do not directly face Sora), although Sora doesn't recognize him or his cloak from their first encounter. They taunt and mock him, only furthering Sora's desire to defeat them. Xemnas makes an empty joke about how he thought they could've been friends, and then leaves.

From there on in, Xemnas remained at his castle while his group's members traveled to make sure Sora stayed on track, while increasing the number of Heartless for him to fight.

Xemnas is not seen again until the Heartless invasion, arriving to the Computer room to access the Chamber of Rest before appearing to look down upon the Heartless army that had temporarily halted in the Great Maw. King Mickey, upon seeing his face, immediately remembers just who's Nobody Xemnas is: Xehanort, the apprentice of Ansem the Wise. Xemnas then runs off, and King Mickey gives chase, though Sora, Donald, and Goofy are impeded from following by the Heartless.

After an exhausting battle, the three make their way to the cliff overlooking Villain's Vale; finally catching up with the King. King Mickey addresses him by his original name, and Xemnas merely remarks that it has been ages since he had abandoned that name. Sora demands to know where Riku and Kairi are. Xemnas claims to know nothing of any "Kairi", and as for Riku, Xemnas tells Sora to ask his King. Then, he vanishes into a corridor of darkness, but not before King Mickey follows him in. However, as King Mickey later appears in Twilight Town, it is obvious that either Xemnas managed to escape him or that King Mickey simply lost track of him.

Xemnas again appears in the World That Never Was, standing upon the highest tower of the Nobody castle, asking Kingdom Hearts to share its power with all Nobodies. Saïx then appears, asking whether Kingdom Hearts is complete. Xemnas says it will be soon, and allows Saïx to end their game and finish off Sora and his companions.

After all Organization members save for himself had been eliminated, Xemnas comes to greet Ansem the Wise, who had been attempting to digitally seal Kingdom Hearts away. The former pupil mocks his teacher, stating that he is the source of all Heartless, for inspiring him to go where Ansem himself did not dare to venture. Though Ansem admits that his foolishness was the source of much misery, he questions Xemnas on how this was what he had been seeking. Xemnas says it is that and more, and reveals his plans to create a brand new world, one heart at a time. He admits he thought that Ansem would praise him, but instead only held him back, consumed by the jealousy he had for his student. But he understands that Ansem was not able to control his heart.

Ansem scoffs at this, stating that they both claim to understand the heart, but actually know as little about it as they had in the very beginning. He declares passionately that Xemnas will fail and so will his world, and tells Riku and Sora to finish what he had started. After bidding farewell to the King and apologizing to Roxas, Ansem's Kingdom Hearts Encoder explodes, and Xemnas retreats just as the bright light envelops the area. The explosion also caused severe damage to Kingdom Hearts, causing countless hearts to rain down upon the world, which would transform into Heartless upon touching the darkness that coated the world.

Sora and the others then travel up to the very top of the tower, where Xemnas lamented over the damage done to Kingdom Hearts. He asks the three Keyblade wielders to fetch him more hearts, and when they refuse, he asks why they hate the darkness. King Mickey responds that they don't hate the darkness, but just that it's "scary". But he knows that the world is made of both light and darkness, and then wonders why they really are afraid of the darkness. Riku adds that it is because of who or what's lurking inside that darkness.

Xemnas then asks another question: if they accept the darkness, yet choose to live in light, why do they loathe those who are nothing, having been turned away from both the darkness and the light? Riku answers that it's because they endangered the worlds, and Xemnas tries to justify it with the fact that they had no choice. However, Sora does not believe this, stating that they don't even exist and feel no remorse about anything. Xemnas chuckles, stating that it is very true, and proceeds to face Sora one on one in an arena of nothingness, with Memory's Skyscraper towering above them.

Xemnas appears defeated, returning Sora to the Castle That Never Was, but Xemnas is still alive and well, basking inside Kingdom Hearts, urging it to join forces with him to gain the power needed to destroy their common enemies. Sora and the others try to stop him, but it is too late, and Xemnas is absorbed into Kingdom Hearts. Fortunately, the worlds created a door for Sora and the others to enter, for they wanted them to be the guardians of their destiny. They then follow Xemnas into Kingdom Hearts, but they see that Xemnas has taken its power and transformed the realm into a place resembling the World That Never Was with a giant fortress in the middle. He says that their hearts have led them to their deaths, seeing that it may not be worth following one's heart, and takes note of it, before hurling a building at them. This causes Kairi and Mickey to be separated from the others, but even so, Sora and co. defeat Xemnas in his knight-like form. He thinks that he needs more hearts and more rage, but Sora tells him that hearts are more than just anger or hate, and asks if he remembers, which he doesn't, before seemingly fading back into the darkness.

With the help of Naminé, Kairi, Donald, Goofy, and the King get safely to Destiny Islands, but before Sora and Riku can follow, Xemnas attacks once more; having merged with a gigantic mechanical dragon. After another difficult battle, Xemnas takes Sora and Riku to a realm of nothingness, with Xemnas wearing a robe representing both light and darkness. He says that if both light and darkness are eternal, then so too must be nothingness. Riku and Sora says this is true, but that does not mean Xemnas is eternal. They then share a very tense battle, with Xemnas wounding both Sora and Riku with various attacks. This is also the only time you ever play as Riku, during a point in the battle where Xemnas tries to suck Sora's Heart out, and Riku has to save him. Riku is badly injured during the fight, so Sora batters Xemnas into submission with his and Riku's Keyblades. Sora and Riku then finish him off. Xemnas fades into darkness, making him the last Organization member to fall and ending the threat of Organization XIII and the madness of Xehanort forever.

(that last bit was probably going to end up his future etc, when i get some time ill re do this and make it my own unless the admin are fine with it the way it is.)


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PostSubject: Re: Xemnas "The Superior In Between"   Xemnas "The Superior In Between" Icon_minitimeSat Sep 05, 2009 6:46 pm

approved welcome

Max Magic: 30
Xemnas "The Superior In Between" Saixor-1-1
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PostSubject: Re: Xemnas "The Superior In Between"   Xemnas "The Superior In Between" Icon_minitimeSun Sep 06, 2009 9:42 am

Added his last elements bump
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PostSubject: Re: Xemnas "The Superior In Between"   Xemnas "The Superior In Between" Icon_minitimeSun Sep 06, 2009 4:10 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Xemnas "The Superior In Between"   Xemnas "The Superior In Between" Icon_minitime

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Xemnas "The Superior In Between"
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