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Throughout the darkness there lies a faint trace of light. Come, choose your side, whether it be darkness or the light, fight for what you think is right. Here, your age begins.
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PostSubject: Noctis Weapons   Noctis Weapons Icon_minitimeThu Sep 17, 2009 12:05 pm

Name: Kuro no Shinigami (The Black Reaper in some terms)

Type of Weapon: Katana

Primary/Secondary: Primary

Description: The blade itself is all black, made from a dense type of metal that was specifically use for cutting extremely thick objects. The black blade meets up with red at the tip of it and the red itself is only to enhance the sharpening effect. Because of its thin design, it is extremely light to wield making slashing, thrusting and parrying extremely easy to wield. The hilt itself is also black wrapped around by a red type of material. It has an easy grip, espicially for Noctis gloves to grab onto without it slipping

Elemental Alignment: N/A

Ability/Function: As said before, it is extremely light so it goes well with Noctis fast one hand style of attack. Instead of fully using a few quick slashes and then ending with a power slash, he uses either his left hand or right hand to place quick slashes ending up the combo with another quick slash.

Close/long range: Close Range

History: As a warrior monk, he is fully adaptable to many weapons that he has been taught how to use in fights and for survival. Manto, a monk who specialized in combat, was the man who taught Noctis many of his fighting styles to this date. As a gift, before leaving towards his journey, Manto gave Noctis this as a farewell gift for he knew Noctis would not return back to the temple for a very long time. From the time he was seventeen downward, he used the blade specifically for battling heartless and nobodies. Because of the recent increase of heartless and heartless he has bee

Pictures: Noctis Weapons 46XL1246%20Red%20black%20katana

Second Weapon

Name: La Muerete

Type of Weapon: Scythe

Primary/Secondary: Secondary

Description: The scythe it is entirity is about 1.5 the size of Noctis full body. It is usually full wrapped around in a black cloth that hides its presence. When it is revealed, the staff itself is completely black that is wrapped around with in a blue material that is design to look like a phoniex travelling up to the part where the staff and the blade meet up. Inside of the staff are a thin lining of chains that extends outward when the blade disconnects from the staff.

Elemental Alignment: Wind

Ability/Function: It is a much more heavier weapon than the extremely light Kuro no Shinigami. He can perform more damage upon opponents but if the opponent is human of a pure soul and heart, the blade will not cut that person as it is only meant to kill and destroy those who are deem unworthy by the scythe. As a secondary part of the weapon, the blade part itself can detached itself from the staff. It is attached to a chain and it can reach out towards an opponent that is twenty meters away. The blade itself is extremely heavy so when thrown with extreme force, it can plunder through certain materials (earthy material, nothing like diamonds or anything of that sort) The scythe seems to have a mind of its own and acts as a second party towards Noctis mind. Only Noctis can hear La Muerete but if La Muerete wishes, he can let others know his existance as another being. When it is combined with his wind element, he can release the wind in the shape of scythes going towards an opponent. T

Close/long range: Can be use as a short range but because of the scythe detached head ability, it can be use for long range

History: This was also a gift from Saji before he left the temple for his protection. Because Saji was a peaceful man, he told Noctis about the scythe advantages and disadvadvantages. He told him that this scythe was legendary, only to bestow by people who wish to become the grim reaper. Because of Saji story telling, legend says that the blade was actually the grim reapers first. Noctis, sometimes skeptical about Saji story telling, disregarded the fact and still carried the scythe with him at all times. It is extremely rare for Noctis to wield the scythe and has only used it during certain battles. Because it is conscious, he chooses to listen to it at times for its guidance as he knows it can be extremely useful in finding people, heartless and nobodies.

Pictures: Noctis Weapons Scythe
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PostSubject: Re: Noctis Weapons   Noctis Weapons Icon_minitimeFri Sep 18, 2009 8:46 am

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Noctis Weapons
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