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Throughout the darkness there lies a faint trace of light. Come, choose your side, whether it be darkness or the light, fight for what you think is right. Here, your age begins.
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PostSubject: Training   Fri Sep 18, 2009 11:12 am

Sendo stared down the mouth of the cave, peering into the depths below, cold, dark, beautiful. The light behind poured in from behind him, but did not go very far to show much of anything due to the angle of the cave entrance. If you had been standing in the cave looking outwards, all you would have seen of his features would be his height and approximate weight. All that was visible was his frame, details cloaked shadow, much like the cave he was about to enter. Also much like the cave were the insides, the heart. Cold, a blast of chilly air from time to time, making it even colder, but somehow pleasant to examine and study. His head was like the vast tunnels, a maze of winding confusion.

Taking his first steps, he felt the dampness travel through his thin sandal, coating the bottom of his foot, creating an even thiner layer, cradling his flesh. He took another step, and received the same effect. Ah the pleasure of it. He could smell the different plant life growing across the walls, truly it was disgusting. A rank odor filled the entire cavern. This was not the normal types of lichen and such that dwelled in cave walls. Something was amuk here. It stank of potential allies, though of course, the only type that would be acceptable allies for him would never join him, they were all to violent in nature and reclusive. They would serve under him if he forced it upon them, but be by his side as an equal, they would never allow for that.

Sendo raised high his torch, which he had been sure to bring with him and swiped it around quickly. He had heard that if one waited long enough here, enemies were sure to come. He was searching for a place to put this torch where it would give him enough light should a fight break out. He caught a glimpse of gold over head. He looked back, and realized that he had in fact been walking for quiet a while, the way out, no longer in sight. This was a strange place. It had felt like only a few minutes had gone by but he did a recalculation and figured it had to be at least an hour. Oh my.

He took a closer look at the gold figurine above him and quickly realized that it was in fact a chandelier, probably for the exact purposes he was hoping to use his torch for, however, it was very much out of reach. He looked to his right and then his left, bringing his torch around so he could examine each wall in terms of composition and distance from the chandelier. He did some more configuring in his head and decided, the right wall was definitely the most appropriate.

He threw his arm upwards straight to the right of the chandelier, it cascaded upwards from where Sendo had stood a moment ago. Now he was on a full beeline for the wall, and as he approached it, pushed off with his feet hard,and then twisting in mid air as he went. His feet met the wall and he leaped off that as well, using the momentum form his previous jump to keep him going. Flying back in the other direction, but up, he grabbed the torch out of the air and directed it towards the chandelier which erupted in light immediately, igniting the ring of gas on its edges. He fell to the ground and landed, but then rolled to span out the force of impact, saving him from a broken leg or two.

When he popped up, he looked straight ahead at the newly lit up cavern. It was fairly large, and rocky and such, just like the rest of the cave. A few grasses and moss decorated the walls here and there. However, what hed been searching for had already come, probably drawn to the light instantly. There in front of him stood not only heartless, but full fledged nobodies, samurai by the looks of them, four to be exact. They all just stood there waiting, except the one on the right. It took a few steps forward, signaling it was the first oponent. These were the strangest of these creatures. They did not attack together, and would not make a first move. However, they were also fairly strong for their race. However, they would fall this day. One at a time or all together, it mattered not to Sendo.
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PostSubject: Re: Training   Fri Sep 18, 2009 9:34 pm

Wizer had been scouting the area, searching for that which he always searched for. He had been near the cave when he noticed a human-like shape walk into them. Wizer tilted his head curiously as he wondered just why he hadn't ever looked in those caves. Wizer was confident in his ability to defend himself, even if he couldn't do much in the area of destroying at the moment. Wizer, with some hesitation, decided he would follow after the human-like form.

By the time Wizer managed to make it to the entrance the person was already deep within. Wizer decided to walk quickly after. He wanted to know just what sort of person or thing would decide to trespass these caves. They were amazingly dangerous and he heard they housed little treasure. Wizer never heard of anyone going all the way to the end of the caves, most were too afraid or far to busy.

"Galabados liked atmospheres like this. Smelly, Dark, Cluttered and full of Heartless. If that human bumps into Galabados I wonder just who would win..." Wizer said with a small crooked smile.

Wizer started to slow his walk when the cave was beginning to become darker. Darkness was never a good thing, but it was better than shadow. With the darkness of going deeper into the cave Wizer felt the putrid smells fill his nostrils. Wizer found himself covering his nose and taking deep breaths from his mouth. It tasted tart and rank, like a muddy sock. Wizer didn't like the taste, but it was better than the smell.

Wizer couldn't believe just how large this cave was. He lost track of the minutes as he walked in aimlessly after someone he didn't even know. Was it really that important to find out just who it was? He wondered if this trip was worth it. Wizer was growing tired, bored, and hungry. What had the person intended to find so deep in the cave beside a fight? Traveling for, what was probably miles, for a fight with some lesser heartless? Unless he was a Heartless or a Nobody that just wanted to go to the darkest and most dangerous in Radiant Garden for a quick time out, this seemed very strange. If that was the case Wizer would have traveled down here for naught. He couldn't contract half beings like Nobodies and Heartless.

Light blinded Wizer. Having been in the darkness for such a period the light caused him to close his eyes and slowly open them so that he could readjust. It was the sort of light that Heartless wouldn't mind investigating. It was then that Wizer knew it would be troublesome to contuine on, yet he did. Wizer walked close enough to see the human figure from before.

A white haired man. The man was confronted with both Heartless and Nobodies. Wizer found himself uttering a deep "Heh" as he watched interested in his target. Just what would they do now that they were attacked by Heartless and Nobodies. If he lost his heart Wizer would at least have a show. If the man did need help though, Wizer wouldn't lift a finger to aid. This was his own fight and he would deal with it. His interest in what the man was capable of aided his decision to watch instead of act.
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