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 The artists regret

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PostSubject: The artists regret   Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:26 am

(Ooc: I'm sorry its so short, I had to type this up really fast. Other responses will be longer <3)

Namine had not been expecting Xemnas to do what he had done. She now found her self outside of Hallow bastion, alone and lying on the ground. Xemnas had kidnapped her and then had sent her through a portal of darkness. Was she a lost cause? She had tried to summon the keyblade, but to much doubt had been in her heart. If only she had done better, then maybe she would not be alone right now.

Her eyes focus on her blue surroundings. Everything was blue like blue crystal. The ground, the earthy walls behind her, everything seemed cyrstalized. She wondered if he had sent her there on purpose. She was no longer in his hands, she had wanted to become stronger but now she was alone. What would she do now? Micky and Kairi would be happy to see her, she could always go back to them but why? So she could get captured or possibly get them hurt? She did not want to risk that. She had left with Xemnas to become stronger, she would not return to the people she called friend until she was strong enough to help protect them.

Slowly namine stands. She felt tired like her body had been over used. She had hardly done anything. Her arms and legs hurt, upon further inspection she found some bruses. They were probably from the fall. The portal had opened weird and it had felt like she had been thrown on to the ground. The injuries would heal quickly that she was grateful for. She wondered what he was doing now.

“What do I do now?” she asks her self quietly. Sighing, she looks down at her empty hands. She had not summoned the keyblade. She had to erase all doubt from her mind. She wanted to protect her friends. Focusing on her friends she closes her eyes and holds out her had. She calls out to the keyblade, and like before she gets nothing. As she opens her eyes her heart feels like its sinking. She had failed again.

“I want to protect my friends!” She cries out at no one in particular.
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PostSubject: Re: The artists regret   Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:16 am

Wizer had been around. He wasn't in that immediate area, but he was very close. The little Wizer had been on a mission ever since he found the Serenity and Blazing crystals. He only had two more materials left, and one was here. Wizer was walking down a dark road with purple dirt, a wall to his left that was a dark purple as well and had small sparkling stones embedded inside.

The closer Wizer became to the castle the more blue the stones became. The stones inside the purple rock were getting larger and the ground was getting harder. Wizer was cautious when going near the castle, but at the moment his power was so low that high level heartless were less likely to even come near him. Wizer liked and hated that fact. Although it made things easier when it came to getting around, gathering materials was difficult when only Shadows and Soldiers cared anything about you.

Wizer was walking when he noticed something dark appear above his current position and to the right of him. Wizer was a few yards from the Castle Gate so he was assuming it was a powerful Heartless. Wizer made 8 Squares and was going to go up and see just what was up there when three Shadows slipped through the darkness under foot. Wizer took a step back when all three made their appearance. For more than one to come must mean that his power was growing, if only a little.

Wizer watched as they all attacked together. The moment they got within three yards of him the Squares assaulted them. The first Shadow ran in for a low kick, only to find a Square slamming it in the face and lifting it up, off the ground, to slam it down on its back. Another jumped in the air and slashed at Wizer, two Squares sandwiched it. The Squares squished the Heartless as if it were Playdoh and they were bricks. A third Square flew over Wizer's head and crashed into the squished Heartless to send it flying backwards. The final Heartless was a little more clever. IT became a flat shadow and slipped around the remaining shields. It appeared behind WIzer and slashed at his back, until a shield blocked him. The shield pushed it in the stomach causing it to fall back a few steps. The Shield rotated and blendered the heartless with its sharp corners. The heartless was thrown backwards hard and bounced a few times before landing.

Although they took some major damage, none were critically hurt. Wizer lacked the power to fully destroy heartless with his Squares. The three Shadows stood up and readied a second strike. They all rushed for Wizer at the same time. Wizer decided to give them a heavier blow. Wizer remained in the middle as he gave the mental order for his Squares. The Squares rotated around him, in a perfect circle. A small gale was built from the Square that were spinning so fast they looked like a line of silver. The Heartless jumped right into the rotating squares and were juggled by the pounding cubes. They were each thrown out, with greater force, out and at the walls.

Each and every Heartless retreated back into the darkness. That last attack was devastating. Wizer scoffed,
"Foolish. Slime like you have no chance against someone like me. Wallow in the darkness moronic creatures" he said, his arrogant smile plastered across his young face. Wizer waved his hand for the direction of the wall. The 8 Squares flew over that way and Wizer ran after. They each leaned for the wall, one higher than the one before it, to make a stair like formation. Wizer jumped on the first, second, third and so on, as he made his way for the top of the wall. Wizer miscalculated the last jump and was falling for the ground for less than a second as a Square appeared under his feet. The Square lifted him upwards and he floated to the wall.

While on the square he looked for just what caused that spark of darkness. Down on the other side of the wall was a young girl. She said something he didn't catch. Wizer decided to go down and investigate, despite quickly knowing that she was a Nobody. Wizer, while still on top of his floating Square, fell down to where the girl was. The Square abruptly stopped a foot above the ground directly behind her.

"Hey you" he said, his arms crossed and his face indifferent, "Who are you? I've never seen you before"
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PostSubject: Re: The artists regret   Tue Sep 22, 2009 3:25 pm

The angel shook his head and merely watched as the girl appeared in his domain. HIs signature wing merely resting dormant within him his sword sheathed on his right hip. HE wondered why on earth a defenseless creature like her would show up in a harsh place like this. It interested him; no more like it irked him. He saw her mouth move but heard no words. He hated moments like that.

"....hmpf....just more to disappear by my blade, Maybe I’ll have some fun and see how long this one shall last though...she seems different than a human.."

His voice was to himself. He had stood to get a chance to merely walk over to her. He suddenly feels a sudden presence....that of a magician...scum...they fought with no honor. Seph may use some magic but he didn’t rely on it, he preferred the use of his masamune.

He watched as the heartless formed around him. He watched their first attacks. Seeing his abilities, this magician was much like a sorcerer nobody. The cubes and it seemed like he couldn’t kill them either. Hmm how odd, a blunt edge of those keyblades could defeat a heartless yet this...magic couldn’t? It seems he was weaker than that of even them, and most of those that wield a keyblade are far from strong.

He watched as the heartless sulked back after what seemed to be a devastating attack. Cowards...

He watched him search floating on a square. He had looked around before jumping off...near the blonde girl that he was remotely interested in. 'Of course...another good disgust me...' his thoughts echoed in his mind. He noticed that he was still on a square. He either has gotten to where he doesn’t need magic for those attacks...or he could be running low on magic. If the latter was the case then this wouldn’t be very amusing.

He suddenly disappeared only to appear behind the male character that stood before the angel. His silver hair blowing softly despite there being no draft, no wind, or anything in the cavarn. Only the blonde could see him. His green eyes pierced into the males back scanning him, looking him over, and looking for possible weakness.

"Hmm...Foolish dreamers....Tell me your dreams....Then give me the pleasure of ripping them away from your cold grasp. You’re in MY domain now..."

His words were focused to offset the enemy that he could tell from watching his fighting his emotional state. He was cocky, something that could be called Hubris...a fatal flaw.
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PostSubject: Re: The artists regret   Tue Sep 22, 2009 4:00 pm

Wizer heard the words. The kid slowly turned around and looked at this man. He was strange looking with that long hair, one wing, and sword that was far too long. Wizer thought the man looked incredibly powerful.

"Hey, wanna be my servant?" Wizer asked as he took a step backwards to land on hard ground. The Square was in between this man and Wizer. Wizer didn't think the man was evil, but he knew better than to be careless. Wizer knew the man wasn't a Nobody or Heartless, but he wasn't a mortal either. Wizer wondered just what sort of creature this man was to have that wing and the sort of Ether he owned.

Wizer turned to look at the Blond girl, "Or is she your girlfriend? Kinda young, but hey. None of my business. I was just wondering who she was. Not many people come down here by the castle. Especially with what they say is locked in." Wizer released an amused huff as he grinned slightly, "But that's probably unlikely" he added as he put a hand on the Square infront of him.

"So, Dream eater, just who are you?"
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PostSubject: Re: The artists regret   Tue Sep 22, 2009 4:08 pm

Ooc; Ok i'm stopping this topic right here. I wish people would learn the concept of turns. This topic was originally created for me and Sephiroth, and I understand I forgot to post that in the title so no fault for others who post here but PLEASE wait for others to post before you start bumbarding this topic! I started this topic for a reason. I would greatly appreciate getting the chance to actually POST. So I am going to make a new topic with the same starter and if anyone has a problem then delete it on contact me.
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PostSubject: Re: The artists regret   

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The artists regret
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