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Throughout the darkness there lies a faint trace of light. Come, choose your side, whether it be darkness or the light, fight for what you think is right. Here, your age begins.
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 Magnificence Catalyst

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PostSubject: Magnificence Catalyst   Thu Jul 09, 2009 12:28 am

Name: Magnificence Catalyst

Type: Twin guns

Element: Darkness

Effect: contains rapid fire craft that reduce the recoil time of shots, light weight yet strong metal that makes the carrying weight easier. The handle holds cartages that are shaped like spikes, hollow to allow it to carrying more rounds but sharpened at the end should in cause needed to slash close range targets. Single barrel tube allows shots to be fired at accurate straight lines in a row every time. There are five case that hold different types of bullets for a variety of effects

First case: These are the basic metal tips bullets that are used as common attacks projectiles, metal sphere pointed at the end as sharpened to allow better penetration to flesh.

Second case: These bullets hold special poison that when injected to the flesh of living organisms, it invades the muscles and interferes with the nervous system by prevent the flow of potassium and ions reaching the axon by acting as substances that mimic’s the normal chemicals but lack the functions. This stops the normal flow of commands from the brain to the targeted muscles fibers. The poison only infects the area it hits and last for about three post. The bullets are designed as thin hollow metal pins that are shoot at high speeds to inject the poison.

Third case: The bullets are filled with two chemicals that reacted violently when mixed, each liquid is incased in very small contains in the bullets on opposite ends of the bullets. Upon firing out of the barrel the two containers break and react, shattering the bullet into smaller fragments that are shot at faster speeds like glass to cut and slash away at the targets.

Forth case: the bullets are made of a denser metal then the others as well area larger in width, making them hit harder and stronger then other shots but slower at the same time.

Fifth case: these are the special crafted shells that are able to absorbed the surrounding mana and use it charge itself with elemental properties though made from a lighter weight metal increases speed but lowers physical damage but with an added element damage.

Long/Short range: Long

History: a deadly pair of dual pistols that Lenneth created from the dark matter scattered though out his realm. Rare metal that found only in certain stones and deep underground. He found this far more useful then his bow since it was much easy and faster to use then a traditionally bow and arrow plus a lot more angles for lethal attacks. He style learned my self practice and much instructor books he reads up on.
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PostSubject: Re: Magnificence Catalyst   Thu Jul 09, 2009 12:30 am

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Magnificence Catalyst
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