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Throughout the darkness there lies a faint trace of light. Come, choose your side, whether it be darkness or the light, fight for what you think is right. Here, your age begins.
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PostSubject: Impending Doom (WAR!!!)   Impending Doom (WAR!!!) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 07, 2009 5:04 pm

Hollow Bastion, a place once bestowed with unimaginable beauty and grace. A place where Ansem the Wise was highly looked on and praised. Where the seventh princess of heart, Kairi, was born. A place that had many memories, now would hold another battle. One where many lives would be lost. Enigma had made his way to this city once before and now would come again.

Enigma had always been a person to come into unwanted situations and this was no different. He hadn't been in Hollow Bastion in what seemed like forever. Enigma had a different agenda here. One that would forever leave a scar in this world. He walked over to the Great Maw where Sora and his companions had eliminated the heartless once before and in the center he noticed something. Jumping gracefully and landing on one knee, he stood up and examined the center of the Maw.
This is strange

Thought the warrior as he extended his sword from his ring. He shapeshifted it into a broadsword as he impaled the darkness seeming through the hole. A rift seemed to have opened as the dark energy from his pendant and his entitiy sparked something. The rift ripped open temporarily and Enigma immediately shot up and evaded the rift landing on top of cliff side.

The rift revealed a vast amount of heartless ranging from behemoths, dusks, neoshadows almost every type possible. But even though it seemed as the rift were closing, a portal opened on the other side. This portal revealed a vast amount of nobodies, matching their heartless counterparts. How could this be? What strange phenomenon was this? Enigma stood over what could possible shake the very foundation of Hollow Bastion. But then he saw what they were about to try and fight over. A pure light item, Orhiculum.

With that I can create a powerful weapon
he said as he jumped in the center to where it was found. Immediately the heartless and nobodies began striking away. Putting away his broadsword into the shape of a ring, Max used his EoE and created a gust of wind and fire to blow them back as he revealed his sol gun, firing light magic eliminating a few.

This is mine, so get out of my way
hoping to get the item, he was going to fight for it. Against the heartless, nobodies or anyone that stands in his way.

Now here's where it starts. Pick any side.
Heartless, Nobody, Human, Neutral.
doesnt matter.
Make it interesting. Anything goes. Got it? Have fun with it.
and the rift and portals have to be shut otherwise more heartless and nobodies will pop out.
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PostSubject: Re: Impending Doom (WAR!!!)   Impending Doom (WAR!!!) Icon_minitimeTue Sep 08, 2009 7:55 am

Sora had not been th Hollow Bastion for some amount of time, and he wanted to visit his old friends again. He knew that they would still be here, because this was their home, and they had to protect it. He also knew that the heartless would be after the rest of them too. What he didn't know, is that someone else would already be fighting the heartless. He had never seen this man before, and could not tell if he had been good or evil. He must have been some type of good, seeing as he was helping the town, but Sora, did not know if it was direct or indirect. He jumped down the stop where the man stood. He smiled at him and began to fight the heartless and nobodies. "Hey, I'm Sora." He said with a smile and slashed at a heartless. He was ready to help this world, but he also wished to see his friends. He also hoped his others had followed him.

ooc: Sorry it's so short, I'm in a hurry
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PostSubject: Re: Impending Doom (WAR!!!)   Impending Doom (WAR!!!) Icon_minitimeTue Sep 08, 2009 10:46 am

((WOOT!! I'm not quite certain what to do or how to do it, but here we go for a huge fight!))

Kairi didn't know what drew her back to Hollow Bastion. It wasn't like this was really her home anymore. Her home was on Destiny Islands, with Sora and Riku. But she felt like seeing where she was born one more time.

She did not expect to see the hoards of Heartless and Nobodies flooding through the twin openings. She did not expect to see the stranger standing and fighting them. She did not expect to see Sora charge into battle with his characteristic gung-ho enthusiasm.

For a moment she was frightened. She had promised Riku that she wouldn't try anything big on her own. This . . . this was big, and she knew it.

Still, Sora was out there and he was her friend. She wasn't going to let anyone hurt her friend, much less two armies of Heartless and Nobodies. She summoned her Keyblade and ran forward to stand beside Sora. She just wished that Riku was there.

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PostSubject: Re: Impending Doom (WAR!!!)   Impending Doom (WAR!!!) Icon_minitimeTue Sep 08, 2009 7:31 pm

(This is before Namine gets her Key blade, don’t worry she won’t be useless for long)

Namine felt drawn to a specific location. She did not know why, but she felt like there was somewhere she needed to be. Darkness had surrounded the young girl. It pushed in to a new location of which she was unsure of. Hollow Bastion, she had never been here before and yet the place felt like a second home to her. She had memories of the place, memories she did not understand. The memories felt more powerful then they had ever before. Was Kairi or Sora there? It was a possibility, maybe that is why she was drawn there.

Her stomach clenches almost forcing Namine to drop her drawing pad. She falls to one knee and takes deep ragged breaths. Something bad was about to happen, the count of heartless in the area was unbearable. Wincing she stands and shoves her drawing book in a small backpack she had stolen before leaving the mansion. It was just big enough to hold her drawing book and a few pencils and crayons. Her eyes fall on some people off in the distance. She shudders as one of the figures destroys some heartless with a keyblade.

“Sora…” She calls out gently. She spots to familiar people in the Great Maw. Her eyes widen as she sees that not only are their heartless, but nobodies as well. It was almost as if they were seeking something and in their desperation they were attacking the ‘good’ guys. Her eyes narrow as her hands clentch in to fists. A glitter of confidence and determination shines in her eyes. She runs forwards and dips her hand down. Her fingers scrape across the ground. As she lifts her hand she is holding two rocks. She runs calls out to Kairi when a heartless creeps up behind her. Its body lifts from the ground giving it a more 3-D form. She takes this as her opportunity. Namine throws the rock and hits the heartless in the heat. It shakes its head and sinks back in the ground. The creature leaves Kairi and goes off to join with the other large groups of heartless. Upon further inspection some of the heartless and nobodies were fighting amongst them selves. The two never seemed to blend well.

Namine catches up to the group of people with one rock in hand. She did not have a for sure weapon or way to defend herself. She spots a new person, he was a male.

“I’m Namine…” She calls out before turning her attention to a large Heartless. He was fat, and very large compared to Namine. Her eyes widen and she quickly throws a rock as it opens its mouth. The rock lodges in its throat causing the creature to take a step back and lift a large hand to its…neck? It looked like it didn’t even have a neck. She was an expert on Nobodies, not heartless. This fat heartless sort of confused her. It was intimidating and Namine found herself without a weapon. She was a sitting duck and feared she would only get in the way of the others.

She felt out of place, being a nobody fighting off other nobodies. Sora and Kairi were both there. She hadn’t seen either of them in a long time. There was also the mysterious person. She could only hope Sora would not be upset with her about the past. The thought of fighting along side her “somebody” was sort of odd to Namine. She was sure she would feel a lot of envy towards Kairi but she was happy to be there with all of them. She would help them, that’s what she planned to do and if she had the power she would call off the nobodies leaving only the heartless, however she could only command maybe one of the weaker ones. Unlike the other humanoid nobodies, she did not embrace the darkness and preferred not to call upon the nobodies and use their powers to her advantage.
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PostSubject: Re: Impending Doom (WAR!!!)   Impending Doom (WAR!!!) Icon_minitimeThu Sep 17, 2009 12:33 pm

Wizer had been looking through the area that was devoid of all heartless. Wizer had been a few dozen yards from where Enigma made his way. Wizer had been searching the stones and rock for any signs or characteristics that his Demons would have left behind. They were crafty, but they couldn't help the leakage of their own abilities. Wizer really wished that there was one of his seven here in this world. Galabados was powerful, old and wise, but he didn't specify that they couldn't land somewhere in the same vicinity as the summoner's body.

Wizer just had to find his Demons.
Wizer noticed that a man was doing something. Then there was a portal of sorts that was spewing out Heartless and Nobody. Wizer was impressed that this man could just bring them forth, if he did it all on purpose, yet dissapointed that he was having trouble dealing with them.

Wizer was sure he could clog the rift, but he forgot all about that when he saw the man go for something shiny. From the way he dove for it Wizer assumed it was something important. Now that there were Nobodies moving about things were going to get messy and cluttered. Wizer knew he would have to act fast if he would be able to see just what that man had before he lost it. Wizer found himself jumping down and walking away from the stones he was looking at and walking towards the fray. As he made his way more and more people came to fight the bad Heartless and Nobodies.

"This really is below me, but I'm curious" he said to himself. Wizer was making it towards the battle when he stopped just before it. A young, blond haired girl who was yelling her name was a couple steps infront of him. Wizer wondered just how smart the girl was. She was fighting Heartless with a rock. A rock wouldn't do anything to a Shadow, yet she was using it on a Large Body Heartless. They were the most durable Heartless in existence, and she was fighting it with a rock. Wizer felt that if he didn't inform her that she would probably die.

Wizer took a few steps towards her, but stayed his distance to keep from a full on Charge that the Large Bodys were capable of.
"You know, a rock won't do anything. You have to use magic on it or cut into it at the head or backside" instructed Wizer to the self-proclaimed Namine. Wizer felt as if he had to share that information with the girl that was way older than him. If he didn't, he felt it would have made him look bad.

I'm guessing this is dead? I'm dropping out then.
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PostSubject: Re: Impending Doom (WAR!!!)   Impending Doom (WAR!!!) Icon_minitime

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