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Throughout the darkness there lies a faint trace of light. Come, choose your side, whether it be darkness or the light, fight for what you think is right. Here, your age begins.
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PostSubject: Obscurity and Radiance   Obscurity and Radiance Icon_minitimeSun Sep 20, 2009 9:58 pm

Wizer brought Noctis into town. He decided to attend to Noctis' hunger and handle his information gathering at the same time. Wizer walked through the boisterous streets of Radiant Garden. The city was large, crowded and absolutly safe in the more populated areas. Through the years a number of warriors took up arms to aid in defending the city and a great number of traveling scientists managed to stumble upon this land when the worlds were connected. They established high tech security systems that aided in defending the city from Heartless.

Wizer hadn't heard word about the Guardians in a long while, but he had confidence that the security system was still semi-active. It was in well enough shape that all the citizens were taking time out to shop, interact, and play around in the open streets. Wizer was always cautious about this city. He lived there when it was called Hollow Bastion; he never really thought this city could ever truly be safe.

Wizer brought Noctis to a bar. Wizer was a common customer at the bar, although he didn't drink, it was the best place to get information. The bar was always crowded with rowdy, energetic, and mostly drunken men with female waitresses. The bartender, who's name Wizer never cared to ask, quickly took notice when they entered. Wizer let them take Noctis' order and the food would come a short time after. Wizer wasn't just any sort of customer, he was a rich one. Discrimination was one of the things this bar heavily emphasized. If you were poor you were probably hardly noticed when there was someone of good reputation about.

"So, kiddo, what are you here for?" asked the Bartender as he crouched over the bar and looked Wizer straight in the face. Wizer remained confident, proud and arrogant as he looked down to the man with a tilt of his head, "Nothing that a mere commoner has any need to worry about. I just need to speak with Rosario" Wizer answered with a huff. He spoke as if it was uncomfortable being in the same room as the bartender.

"Ah. Maddus Trenston! I most certainly have the information you asked for" said a voice from behind. Wizer walked over to a table and a cloaked man followed. Wizer placed his right elbow on the table and leaned his head on it as he waited for the man. The man was quick to move to the table and sit directly infront of Wizer.

The man slipped off his hood to show an explosion of red hair. He had dark brown eyes, a sharp and thin nose, dark skin, and sharp ears. His red hair was short, stopping before his neck, but long in the front. The man was about twice as tall as Wizer, but lanky and slim. He had scars all over his face and, when he rolled up his sleeves, all over his arms.

"You've no permission to call me by that name..." Wizer reprimanded
"Ah ah! Right, little Master. So then, shall we get down to business"
"Information first" Wizer said, his dull silver eyes cut short in suspicion.
"Don't trust me yet, little Master?" the man said, openly offended
"Rosario Kerfak, you robbed me of well over twenty-thousand Munny. I know better than to underestimate you" Wizer said, knowing that he managed to hunt Rosario down and recollect.
"Ah that was the past! Well. I'll tell you that only one of them are here. If you got the Serenity and Blazing, then only the Energy Crystal is up for finding. I couldn't find any information on any Orichalcum, and you want Orichalcum+? Not on Radiant Garden" said Rosario, full of enthusiasm and glee as he spoke. He was a kind and happy man, at appearance, but Wizer knew better.

That's expected. Wizer knew that even Rosario wouldn't know where to find that stone. Wizer knew that it would be better to find another way to deal with this situation. Wizer noticed something that Rosario said. Wizer sat straight and his dull eyes seemed to spark for a moment, "Not on Radiant Garden?" he asked.
"Nice catch, little Master. That's right! No where on Radiant Garden. But I know where the stone is on another world. A friend, of a friend of a friend heard a man speaking about another man that knew of the stone in a castle with Heartless all around. So many Heartless that a kid like you would be ate up in seconds. And the stone is deep within this castle, guarded by a Beast!" exclaimed Rosario causing Wizer to jump. Most of the patrons in the bar looked over to the yelling man.

"So I must buy transportation?"
"I'll handle that for ya, little Master"
"Fine. Find me a proper ship and I'll give you a finders fee"
"Excellent idea! I'll be sure to find you the best of the best! For you and...Your friend?" Rosario added, taking a quick look at Noctis

Wizer closed his eyes and sighed. Wizer moved his hand into his cloak and into his left pocket. He pulled out the bag of money he had on the side especially for Rosario. Wizer pushed his hand back out the sleeve of his coat holding a small sack of twelve thousand Munny. "And the Energy Crystal?" asked Wizer

"The Energy Crystal resides at the heart of the city. Behind a locked door that is hidden" he said as he reached for the Munny. Wizer allowed him to take it and he let his hands fall to the table.
"You can leave"
"Pleasant doing business with you, little Master and his friend. Maybe we'll meet again" said Rosario as he flipped his hood back on his head and walked out for the bar. It wasn't until after he was out of the bar would he start to count the Munny.

"So much to do..." Wizer said to himself. He looked to Noctis wondering just what he had to say about the conversation the small 9 year old just had. Wizer noticed that the Bartender was offering a Elixir to Noctis, trying to sell more than anything. The Elixir was in a large wine-like bottle that was curved at the tip. The typical Elixir was one eight the size of that bottle and one hundredth the price.
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